So you’re moving to Kiev to start up a business

As Ukraine has become open for business, we notice more and more foreign companies and entrepreneurs come to set up operations in Kiev, explore Ukraine as a place for a back office or roll out their service here.

Ukraine is a very lucrative market, business opportunity wise, as any emerging market has ever been.

Kiev especially is a business hub and very much on par with European and Western capitals in terms of access to things and comfort of life.

Check this.

If you decided to temporarily move to Kiev to pursue your business venture, take advantage of an agency with savvy business managers and highly professional interpreters that will assist you in all things you need to succeed under budget and on time setting up new operation in Ukraine.

Let’s talk numbers.

Average salary in Kiev is $3-4/hr. $10-12 is really a ceiling and we’re talking highly educated, experienced, very intelligent resources in law, IT, digital marketing etc.

Local working spaces at premiere locations range between $1500-$4000 per month.

office spaces upscale in kiev 2017.png

Imagine the ROI of investing in Ukraine and how your EBITDA will improve if you utilize local resources and workforce then sell your services/products abroad.

Also with Ukraine becoming more modernized it calls for more advanced products and services and many foreign businesses come here to open up a new market.

Real estate, IT and even digital marketing now is where you’d want to get into given the returns in a country like Ukraine.

What will you need to succeed

6If you’re serious about making your business venture successful in Ukraine then you’d need professional business support and not only interpreter and assistant in Kiev.

Our standard assistance package for setting up a business in Ukraine includes:

  • custom research for the market, workforce, co working spaces and offices in Kiev
  • full support in hiring employees, getting an office lease, telecom assistance
  • legal assistance, understanding local tax law
  • ROI and EBITDA calculations of setting up a business in Ukraine
  • full relocation support (finding an apartment or a penthouse, health insurance, finding a personal assistant, maid, getting a gym membership etc)

Additionally we can support you with:

  • finding business development manager to help source opportunities if you’re in Kiev opening up a new market for your product or service
  • insights into local marketplace and detailed research papers and reports
  • building the right network in Kiev business circles and beyond
  • full time PA and interpreter during your visit in Kiev

Additionally, we know Kiev well! So if you need advice on the most basic things, like where do I rent a car, what restaurant or bar do I go to unwind after a long day at work, where do I find the best chiropractor in Kiev, we are always happy to give you advice.

Reach out to us today with your inquiry and we will gladly help you on your journey to Kiev.

Best Rooftop Bars in Kiev

If you enjoy a night out with a view then you’d be curious to find out what the best rooftop bars in Kiev are. As one can imagine, a good rooftop bar is located atop a nice hotel, and Kiev is no exception. Check out a guide below that tells you where to go for to a truly upscale evening in Kiev that offers a view.

B-Hush Lounge @ Intercontinental

Intercontinental is easily one of the best 5 star hotels in Kiev and a huge part of that is a really nice rooftop restaurant and outside terrace. It offers fantastic panoramic views of Kiev and is a great place to take pictures.

Opened everyday either till 2 am and 4 am on Fri and weekends it is a hub for many foreigners and local socialites to go to a nice dinner, attend an event or just to come in and chill.

Bar on 8 @ Hyatt

kiev hyatt best hotel rooftop bar loungeHyatt is a golden standard of luxury hotels, it is located in a premiere area of Kiev and offers a very modern and chic interior and exterior and it’s rooftop lounge is impressive. The outside terrace on Bar on 8 can be a bit cold unless it’s summer but the inside restaurant which still offers great city views is a good alternative for when it’s winter.

It’s open everyday till 2 am so it’s a bit limited in a availability especially if you want a place you can relax at for the entire night but it’s still a solid option, with good food, amazing service and very nice views.

Avalon Terrace

Avalon is a well known Kiev club, it has a decent restaurant and also offers a nice rooftop terrace. And while it’s not as high up as Kiev rooftop bars mentioned above, it still offers pretty good panoramic views and can be a great place to visit in summer.

Kiev can definitely offer some great spots for a nice evening out. Feel free to reach out to us if you want one of our interpreter guides to take you on a nightlife tour of Kiev.

Reliable Kiev Airport Pick Ups

Our agency offer only reliable and professional Kiev airport transfers, pick ups and drop offs in modern and spacious cars that will fit you, your family or a group of colleagues or friends. We send an interpreter along with a driver so rest assured that our airport transportation service will be a pleasant and helpful ride.

Now…why get an airport pick up in Kiev anyway? Isn’t there any airport transportation service around?kiev aiport vip luxury transfer borispol

If you have ever been to Kiev you’d know that unlike almost any other European capitals, Ukraine does not have a long line of standard taxis parked right outside the airport. You can call a taxi once you arrive, but this only works if you speak Russian fluently, or you can try and get a ride with one of the independent drivers who roam the airport, aggressively pushing their service on everyone around them.

Your experience coming out of the gate will most likely be battling enormous language barrier with thug looking private drivers who are harassing you for a ride with them with unpleasant attitude and more than acceptable prices in a less than acceptable car.

Your choice? Book airport transfer in advance.

Thanks to our reliable airport transfers expect a top notch meet and greet, a spacious, modern and comfortable car with a perfect English speaker by your guide to keep you company and answer any questions you might have about your stay in Kiev.

pick-up-first-classWe offer:

  • reliable professional airport pick ups and drop offs, and transfers in KPB aka Borispol International Airport
  • Accompanying English speaking greeter and interpreter
  • comfortable and spacious modern cars
  • option of a luxury VIP airport pick up and drop off in Kiev (limo service)
  • dedicated chauffeur provided by a reputable Kiev taxi service
  • additional support, i.e. help in buying a SIM card, advice on best hotels, best restaurants etc

Contact us and we will give you a great quote for an airport pick up and drop off as well as airport transfers. We also offer a great service – layover guide.

Best Interpreters for Business Traveler in Kiev

businesman travel kiev ukraine interpreterAre you in Kiev on business?

Do you need a top notch translator, very fluent in English that can be worldly, well traveled and have great conversational ability?

Are you looking for all-around service that will not just include translation but also assistance, expert advice on which lawyer to hire, how to deal with the embassy and how to launch your business in Ukraine?

Then you’ve found the perfect interpreter agency in Kiev!

Our agency prides itself on being able to offer not only highly skilled and well educated English speaking translators and guides in Kiev but also on assisting with things like travel arrangements, providing advice on best hotels, expert help on market entry in Ukraine and much more! All of which is primarily targeted at high caliber business travelers that are used to Western standards and do not want to be bothered by tacky accents, unprofessional appearance and limited English skills.

business interpreter in kiev ukraine englishUkraine, which has long time been considered a lucrative emerging market, is the go-to place right now for business people all over the world. And given recent developments with EU Association Agreement and basically a lot of flushing out of old Soviet era corruption and restructuring of the country, it’s time to do business here like never before. No wonder many foreign businessmen and investors are flocking to Ukraine to explore their options.

But Kiev, and Ukraine in general, still has some things that can be considered quite unpleasant to a foreign visitor. One example can be the level of customer service, which is definitely considered low even compared to Baltic countries. Another unpleasant experience is flying Ukrainian International Airlines, so if you haven’t yet tried it, there’s your free tip of the day.

Ultimately, a solid and expert advice on all things Kiev and ability to make the right call that fits the expectations of the most high-maintenance client is what we specialize in.

So, what exactly can you expect from our agency when booking a business interpreter?

  • top notch English skillskiev legal advice business lauch translator

Indeed, out translators studied abroad, traveled abroad, practiced their English with native speakers and far surpass what is expected from English translators in Ukraine.

  • consecutive interpreting during conferences and trade shows, as well as business meetings

Having assisted our clients on many conferences and trade shows both in Ukraine and abroad, we definitely are not afraid to take on challenging tasks and represent our clients in front of other business people

  • all around support

kiev travel arrangement interpreter guide agencyWe can help you plan your entire trip and if you conduct your business in an informal atmosphere, for example, if you take out our your clients to restaurants, we can advice you places that are both, upscale and have good service.

  • great transportation, like Mercedes, Porsche

Great car is just another part of your business image as well as your comfort and we know which taxi service to use to provide on time, modern and fancy ride.

  • assistance with all administrative moments, such as where to get a lease, legal advice, construction permit etc.

business in kiev agency interpretersOur interpreter agency has helped many clients open a back-end office in Kiev, choose the best office space and hire employees, find clients for a new product or service and so much more!

With our agency you can expect to be represented in the most professional way and can rely on us to help you make the most of your business trip. Call us today to discuss business assistance packages or to simply hire an interpreter – we are happy to make your Kiev trip a success!

Best Kiev gyms for foreigners

Where can a foreigner find a quality gym in Kiev?  Well, in several places. If you are in Kiev temporarily or permanently and want to find a great fitness center to work out at then we present you with our English guide to best gym options in Kiev.

foreigners fitnes sin kiev ukraineDon’t leave your love of fitness back home just because you are in a country where gyms aren’t that popular. Below is a list of great gyms in Kiev, primarily in city center, that will have all the facilities you need, such as treadmill for your cardio training, sophisticated gear, a pool and much more!

What are good gyms in Kiev for foreigners?

Below is a guide of legitimate 5 star experience fitness centers aka gyms that foreigners would appreciate. The only downside is that you probably won’t be able to attend group sessions unless you understand Russian. But everything else is at your disposal!

Also note that because fitness is not as popular as it is in the States, for example, you can forget about $20 monthly membership fee. Most gyms will ask you to sign up for at least 3 months straight up and the average membership fee for this period of time will start at around $300.

Sport Lifewhere can a foreigner in kiev find a gym 2015

Probably the largest gym chain in Kiev with over 20 locations, several in the city center. SportLife gyms are huge, fitted with large training areas, as well as pools, jacuzzi, bath, spa center etc.

Planet Fitness

This gym has 2 city center locations only but it’s quite an impressive fitness center with all you need to keep healthy and fit in Kiev.

Sky Fitness

kiev department stores guideDid you know about a fancy new shopping mall aka business center aka movie theater aka restaurants hub that is Gulliver? This multi functional building has virtually everything under the sun for any foreigner or local in Kiev. It also has a great gym.

Located on a 10th floor of arguably the nicest Kiev skyscraper, Sky Fitness offers a state of the art gym, a pool, a spa saloon and even a message parlor. And since it’s pretty high up there you can enjoy a nice Kiev view while sweating it out on a treadmill doing your cardio.


Hotel Gyms

If you are a high maintenance person and regular Kiev gyms with it potential language barriers and overcrowding is not an option for you and you’re looking for something more up to the Western standards you’re used to, then you can try signing up for a gym at 5 star hotels around Kiev: Hyatt, Intercontinental and Hilton all have options to do this. And these are just a few names, other hotels have the option of gym membership available not only to hotel guests as well.

Hyatt’s ‘Olympus’ Fitness Center


You can buy a monthly membership at Hyatt’s fitness center “Olympus, for example, for just $500 and all its fancy gym facilities:

  • sophisticated faculties for cardio and more that has all you need to keep you fit and ensure a great work out
  • a large pool
  • spa section

..everything becomes available to you along with English speaking personnel and even an opportunity to meet other English speakers.girl gym fitness kiev 2

So stay fit and don’t forget to work out, just 10 minutes of cardio a day can prolong life by 3 years, and that’s only 10 minutes!

If you need advice or want us to help you get signed up to one of the gyms in Kiev we would be happy to help, simply contact us and let us handle the administrative moments!

Market Entry in Ukraine: Business Consulting & Support

Everyone knows that the secret of any successful venture capitalist is investing smart in emerging markets. CIS region and Ukraine specifically is as good emerging market as any. With highly educated workforce, ridiculously low cost of labor and virtually enormous opportunities and voids in many markets, it’s the perfect place to direct your business expansion to.

2014 Ukrainian Revolution has made it possible for many doors to open and the message is out there, loud and clear, that Ukraine is finally open for business. The unfortunate web of enterprises intertwined with extremely corrupt government is getting untangled and crony capitalism ceases to exist.

Market entry in Ukraine can be quite a challenge. Whether you contemplate:

  • opening a branch in Ukraine
  • finding business partners
  • looking for clients
  • seeking smart investment opportunities
  • or simply want to see if any of that can be feasible to begin with by conducting market research

business consulting for foreign busines in ukraine…you would largely benefit from agency like ours doing all the legwork. We will provide local perspective and prepare hard data to support or debunk your plans for possible business expansion to Ukraine.

We’ve already helped several European and American businesses and large global brands to probe and scout the market in Ukraine in such areas as real estate, agriculture, business consulting and technology/IT.

Our agency has a wide range of skill sets which is supported by the efforts of global contractors we employ and a dedicated local team.

Our agency can provide:

  • market research and marketing consultingukraine market entry ongoing full service support business corporate
  • business scouting
  • prospecting lists of potential partners and/or clients and/or back end manufacturing centers
  • representation for you brand in the local market by reaching out to Ukrainian vendors and potential clients to pitch your business
  • professionally done reports and corporate presentations detailing the market research and feasibility of entering the Ukraine’s market in any industry
  • development of market entry strategy in Ukraine and ongoing support in its implementation
  • creating cost effectiveness and SWOT analys reports for the feasibility of expanding your business to Ukraine
  • business consulting and legal support
  • operational help in setting up a local branch for your business which includes  finding office space, hiring the local team, dealing with legal moments etc

We have large network of contacts that helps us navigate the local markets with ease and confidence and we are happy to share that expertise with you.

If you plan on coming to Ukraine to conduct business meetings and get the feel for the local business environment and opportunities, we can provide full service support with dedicated personal assistant, interpreter, transportation and support with creation of any marketing materials and sales collateral that you will be presenting in Russian or Ukrainian.

The reality of Ukraine is that it is filled with untapped markets and very affordable and quality workforce, among other things.

Here are just a few stats on Ukraine that you might find interesting:

minimum salary in Ukraine is 61 cents per hour (compare that to US $7.25 USD  and Spain $6 USD just as an example)

corporate tax rate is $18 % ( US: 40% and Spain: 30%)

unemployment rate is 9.30% ( US: 6.30% and Spain roughly 25%)

Ukraine’s real estate is one of the most expensive in the world, most 2-3 bedroom apartments located in upscale residential complexes in Kiev city center cost a whooping 2 million USD on average.

Also, Ukraine is one of the most reliant on nuclear energy countries (according to Bloomberg):

nuclear energyOur agency can help you get prepared and properly represented once you decide to look towards endless business and market opportunities that there are to explore in Ukraine.

We sell all encompassing packages for business executives and companies that would involve business scouting, marketing consulting and ongoing support as well as full service support for when you arrive in Kiev. Our agency also works individually with every client and can offer you the rate and the service package that will fit your needs and budget.

market entry in ukraine consulting and support investors

Travel Guide to Upscale Kiev

Travel to Kiev can be an upscale experience if you know where to go and where to stay.  While Ukraine’s capital isn’t on anyone’s map of fancy places to go, beginning early 2014 it’s definitively been gaining a momentum. We’ll show all the high-end things Kiev have to offer so that you wont miss Paris, London and even New York that much.

Upscale Kiev Hotel Guide

We’ve already covered the most Luxury Kiev Hotels in 2013 but this year there are a few newcomers deserving extra attention:


Finally Kiev gets one of its own Hilton hotels. The place, as you might imagine, is for total luxury lovers and might even topple our favorite Hyatt hotel.

Kiev’s Hilton, like any 5 star stunner, is located downtown, close to the city center, and has:King Guest Room

  • panoramic rooms with a great view
  • fancy pool and a spa
  • 13 meeting rooms, executive lounge and a ball room
  • rooftop restaurant, of course!

King’s room is a total looker and goes for a hefty $500 a night, though great memories and even greater Instagram photos are guaranteed.

More good news, the hotel is only 40 minutes away from Borispol airport.

Marriott Hotel

Marriott is another upgrade on the Kiev hotel scene. The hotel is luxurious though the design and interior, as well as exterior is very much European style, which is why locally the hotel is also called Renaissance hotel. It offers 173 guests rooms, as well as marriott kiev hotel guide 2015expensive suites for anyone with money and taste. The hotel is set to open in Feb 2015 but it promises to quickly become one of the top 5 high-end Kiev hotels.

So buckle in for a very productive 2014, because in 2015 Kiev will be more beautiful and modernized than most used to seeing it.

Next up…

Upscale Kiev Restaurant Guide

kiev nice restaurantsWhat is a fancy restaurant? Well, there’s several pieces of that pie: great design, exquisite service, good choice of wine, tasty food, the crowd of course, and overall, magical atmosphere.

Fancy restaurants in Kiev are typically located on the premises of fancy Kiev hotels. Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hilton and Premiere Palace – all have amazing rooftop restaurants with panoramic Kiev views that make you feel the magic, even if the weather is less than magical.

hotel restaurant rooftop gorgeous kievBesides Kiev hotel restaurants, there’s a few other fancy restaurants on its own. Touch Cafe is one of them. It ‘s a great place to experience typical European vibe and possibly run into other visitors from the same place you are, as Touch is filled with foreigners.

Going to a nice Kiev restaurant can be a good start to a fun night, and with our guidance, you will visit places in Kiev that can cater to the most expensive taste.

Upscale Kiev Club Guide

Kiev is THE place if you like upscale clubs. Most high-end establishments work all the way till the morning and about 50% of its visitors are foreigners. Make sure you dress nice and trendy, sometimes booking a table is the only way to get time kiev fun

Some of the main upscale clubs are located on the Kreschatyk street, within Arena Entertainment complex and along the Independence Square, like Buddha Bar for example.

For more tips on where to go and to have your perfect Kiev VIP experience mapped out, check out our Kiev Nightlight  Guide..or simply call us and we will put together a 5 star program for you or your company!

Kiev Department Stores

Feel like shopping in Kiev?  Then you might like our guide below that gives you the best scoop on the fanciest and largest Kiev department stores that definitely have the wow factor.

shopping in kiev whereDepartment stores we’ve selected are the most modern, large and host some seriously big names in the fashion and clothing industry, from upscale Italian and French fashion houses, to quality British designers, to good old American brands. Here’s a partial list of what you will find in department stores across town:

  • Pierre Сardin
  • Calvin Klein
  • Tommy Hilfinger
  • Lee Cooper
  • River Island
  • Baldinini
  • Carlo Pazolini

..and many others. Also, as you might imagine, besides fancy things you can buy to wear, Kiev department stores boast nice restaurant areas, some even have a cinema and a mini aqua park.

Kiev was actually ranked among the best in Europe for shopping tourism according to Economist Intelligence Unit. Among the perks of shopping in Kiev you’ll have the fact that the stores are open longer hours but the prices are higher than in the rest of Europe so it’s a balance after all.

Let’s explore one of the best Kiev department stores.

kiev department stores guideGulliver

year built: 2013

proximity to the city center: 5 minutes away from Kiev’s main street

address: 1-A Sportyvnaya sq.

sections: 4 extensive floors with department stores, a grocery store, a bank, a pharmacy, bowling, cinema and upscale restaurants area and even 24 hr parking

attractions:  most recently built, this Kiev department stores is located in a fancy 30 store building next to Kiev’s #1 business center right across the street and is basically in the heart of Kiev’s most upscale neighborhood. Its 5th floor is dedicated to plethora of nice restaurants and the 6th floor even hosts the cinema.

Gulliver is definitely the #1 Kiev’s department store as its number of high-end stores will have you shopping for hours. It’s truly a one stop for all your needs. Also, won’t be surprised by a the number of locals taking photos of themselves, as Gulliver is quite a fancy place even by the Western standards.


year built: circa 2004

proximity to the city center: located exactly on the Kiev’s main square in the heart of the city

sections: 3 floors of interconnected shopping extravaganza, restaurants area and an Internet center

attractionsGlobus is the original department store built roughly 10 years ago and was the first one of its kind back in the day. It has a great selection of high-end boutiques and while walking through the entire thing you will hear familiar English a lot as quite a number of shoppers in this Kiev department store are foreigners. 

 A special attraction can be a large Brocard store, which is a famous chain  in Ukraine offers the most extensive beauty and fragrance selection, from Armani and Rochas, to even Britney Spears and J-Lo.

kiev shopping luxuryOcean Plaza

year built: 2012

proximity to the city center: about 15 minutes away from the city center

address: 126 Gorkogo St.

sections: 300 stores from leading world brands, restaurants area, cinema, kids entertainment complex

attractions:  Ocean Plaza is by far the biggest shopping and entertainment complex in Kiev. It has a fancy and modern design and hosts some great venues to spend some quality time in. 

arena kievArena

year built: circa 2005

proximity to the city center: at the end of Independence Square, technically city center

address: 2 Baseynaya  St.

sections: expensive and luxury boutiques, scattered around the fanciest entertainment and leisure complex in Kiev

attractions: Arena in itself is not per se a department store but it a sphere shaped entertainment complex that has one of the top lounges and clubs in the city. In and around the complex you will find designer boutiques from French, Italian and other famous brands. 

You will also feel most adjusted here are this place attracts the most  foreigners in the Kiev. So you can pretty much expect to run in to someone from your home country quite easily.

Another thing that can be mentioned is that the entire Kreschatyk street has tons of  boutiques. Perhaps taking a walk on a sunny day can pretty much get you suited up for an important even or simply a night out.

But do remember, while Kiev shopping centers have been on a rise in the last couple of years and this trend has produced some very attractive department stores, the local sales people might not speak the best English and booking a shopping guide and interpreter in Kiev can be a good idea.

We offer the most advanced and professional interpreter and assistance service for foreigners in Kiev since 2012, so feel free to contact us for help!

Business Interpreters for Trade Shows in Kiev / spring 2014 edition

Ukraine, and specifically Kyiv, will have quite a number of trade shows and conferences coming up in spring of 2014. Coming to Ukraine as a foreigner representing your business, looking to find new clients or to simply network – you will greatly benefit from a quality business interpreter able to help you out with all things business assistance.

Our agency is # 1 in providing close to native speaker English interpreters able to set up up to a good start and give you business a professional representation you deserve.

First, let’s take a look at some of the major trade shows that are about to rock Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, in the upcoming few moths:


KIPS  held on 4-6 Mar  

The 4th edition of KIPSthe international specialized exhibition of security systems and technologies,

will take place on 4-6 of March 2014 in the International Exhibition Centre 

UITT held on 26-28 Mar

The Ukraine International Travel & Tourism Show is universally recognized as the leading travel industry event in Ukraine. Representatives from all over the world come to UITT travel exhibition to develop new international channels to increase the volume of tourism and investment in their respective countries

InterBuildExpo held on 26-29 Mar

The most prestigious and authoritative building exhibition in Ukraine, that has been running for almost two decades attracting many international exhibitors.

kiev itnerpreter english ukrainian russian 2014Trade shows and conferences can be quite a hassle. Let us worry about secured transportation, brochure translations, even image consultancy – so you can focus on the work at hand, such as extending your reach to the new country. Ukraine has been in quite the turmoil l as of last few months but the untapped potential of Ukraine as a hub for quality outsourcing talent is indisputable.

Here are some main advantages of hiring the interpreter and business assistant during your stay in Kyiv:

  • high caliber interpreter prepared to consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • full time personal assistant and English /Russian speaking business envoy
  • professional, well mannered, well cultured interpreters with years of experience of living abroad
  • help in organizing the exhibition booth and event registration
  • wide range of services extending to airport picks ups, business lunch scheduling, post expo event management and more!

Our Agency has extensive  expertise in assisting corporate individuals during expos and trade shows in Ukraine and Western Europe.

Next time you are in Ukraine, focus on what is important and that is your speech, your offering to prospect clients and so on. We can help you with business networking by organizing face-to-face meetings with your potential business partners and/or clients as well.

ukraine kiev business conference guide interpreter

We can handle clients ranging from business owners and C-level executives to groups of foreign company representatives to international attaché here on a diplomatic mission.

Your next visit to Kiev will be smooth and productive with one of our top translators, as we can guarantee flexible rates, high quality of service and most importantly – Western standards of service! Be sure to check out our business interpreter services, along with rates and business interpreter profiles.

Call us today to inquire about what business package will fit your agenda and make YOUR visit to Ukraine a great experience!

10 things you didn’t know about Kiev

Here’s some extra tips on Kiev travel you might not already know.

Does customer service in Ukraine suck?

How significant is English language barrier in Kiev?

Are local Ukrainian airlines any good?

This and MORE insights into Kiev travel and Kiev life including face control & tipping rules – all wrapped up in one great trivia Kiev guide for you.

See below an infographic that brings you top 10 Kiev facts you need to know as a visitor, to be able to navigate this  city as a local!

Kiev Infographic Travel Ukraine Interpreter 10 things you need to know about

For premiere Kiev assistance and to book Kiev interpreters and guides – feel free to call us anytime using our local and international numbers!